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Today Is For Me is a health campaign designed specifically for individuals seeking information on staying healthy before, during and after pregnancy. By sharing science-based information about alcohol and marijuana use, this campaign provides information on how these substances affect your body, mind and health and the potential impact on your baby. Using alcohol or marijuana use is okay at certain times in your life, but not when you find yourself pregnant.

Because the use of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana is so widespread, many people do not realize it is harmful during pregnancy. Other pregnant people find themselves in a situation of unintentionally using these substances while pregnant—before they even know they are expecting. They may continue to use while pregnant because they struggle to quit or cut back during this fragile time. They did not plan to get pregnant and they are not ready to stop. Keep in mind—it’s never too late to quit or cut back. Reducing any amount helps. By increasing access to evidence-based resources to treat harmful substances like alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis, we can reduce problems associated with early learning, social-emotional development, physical and mental health challenges and other health disparities.

This website was developed in consultation with medical experts from around New Hampshire who work with expectant parents and families to build a foundation for lifelong health. Specifically, members of the NH Governor’s Commission on Perinatal Substance Exposure Task Force, through funding from NH Charitable Foundation and support from NH Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services reviewed and shared content on this website.

Read through the pages on this website to learn the most up-to-date information on taking care of yourself. While the website refers to pregnant women and mothers, we recognize that individuals with other gender identity or expression may also become pregnant and give birth. Therefore, we expressly include these individuals as well in our recommendations for care and support related to pregnancy and parenting with substance use disorders.

For professionals looking for resources to support your clients or patients, please contact us to request a Provider Toolkit or training opportunity.